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Universal Crewing Agency

Universal Crewing Agency provides the following service:

  • arrange renewal of seafarers' documentation and additional training;
  • arrange medical examination including drug/alcohol/blade test and vaccination, provided by the duly licensed Ukrainian Marine Medical centre;
  • supply with the working clothes and uniform with Principal's logo;
  • arrange flag state applications;
  • obtaining visas;
  • international and domestic booking air tickets.

We successfully cooperate with shipping companies for employment of Ukrainian seamen for their vessels and guarantee immediate response to the Principal, dynamic approach to any problem and quick mobilization of required persons. We are truly interested in cooperating with You. We unite dreams and reality.

Some Facts

Since the day of the foundation of our company, we have been working diligently on its formation and development. And today we can proudly say that we are moving forward and have already achieved good results:


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